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Infant and newborn photography tips

Congratulations to your growing family. 

We are so happy that you have made a stop here and would love the opportunity to photograph your newborn. As one of Durham regions premiere newborn and family photographers we want to offer you some helpful information regarding newborn photography here in the Oshawa, Bowmanville and surrounding areas of Durham region.


When do I book my newborn photography session ?

 5- 10 days after birth.

The most important time to book your newborn photography shoot is within the first 5-10 days after birth. Newborns have been snuggled up tightly inside the womb curled to fill the tight living quarters and once born will only stay curled up naturally for a very short time. We strive to capture newborn photography in the most natural way in order to reflect how they have grown in the womb and reflect this very small window that will too soon be gone. 


A newborn infant has a natural rhythm to sleep deeply & relax their muscle groups allowing us the opportunity to photograph newborn babies comfortably and in a way that they are peacefully rested and sleeping deeply. As they grow babies will be more wakeful and will be less willing to let you move them without waking them. Photographing newborns in this first 10 days allows us to capture more photos in a more flexible way. We urge you if interested in newborn photography to contact us before babies arrival so we can offer you some helpful tips on how to book a session. 


What kind of images can I expect to receive?

Our newborn portfolio will offer you photos taken from many different newborn photography sessions. Majority of our sessions are done in Studio though we are available in home if your looking for a lifestyle session still within Durham region. It is important to remember that newborn babies are all different and to be open to what your individual baby is most comfortable with. 

How do I prepare for my Newborn photography shoot?

It is best to arrive after a full feeding. Feel free to top up once you arrive. We offer a private and comfortable sitting area to feed and relax. 

Feel free to bring a book, some snacks or anything you would like to catch up on.....even sleep :) It is important that you feel comfortable and relaxed and know that you are in a private and safe environment so being comfortable after just having a baby is something we both value and encourage.


Safety & Cleanliness 

When working with newborn babies we strongly value safety and cleanliness. We wash our fabrics and props with gentle and mild detergents and do not use any harsh chemicals while keeping our space clean. After each session our studio is cleaned to preserve a sanitized and clean environment. While photographing in our Durham region newborn photography studio we strive to only photograph newborns in safe practical ways. We do not suspend newborns in swings or hang them in fabrics, nor do we put newborns on chairs or anything that is high off the ground. We feel there are many beautiful shots that can be accomplished in a completely safe and gentle way without the need for the above practises that we feel are not safe. All of our practises are done with safety as the top priority.



I have a large selection of beautiful rustic props. Blankets hats and fabrics all specifically designed for tiny newborn babies. To prepare for an infant session, I will set up 3-4 different areas so that we can provide you with several different contrasting elements to your newborn photography shoot. 


We will always value your style and preference throughout your infant session however we will recommend what will work best with your babies temperament and preference all while keeping them cozy, warm and comfortable! We also know how excited you must be :) and why not? You created a human!!! It's crazy and weird and beautiful and something that is to be celebrated and cherished. I know this because I'm a mama too!  Your welcome to bring something personal to you and we can incorporate it into your session. We will suggest however to keep this to a minimal, just one or two things is best. It's very important to keep the photos about the baby not the "things". Props are wonderful and we have some lovely ones we think you will love  but it is the baby that will always remain the focus of the images. 


Please email us in regards to any questions you may have when booking your newborn photography shoot, We would love to hear from you!



Thank you and well wishes for a happy & healthy delivery.